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Izci coin indicator by Mossin Nagant

Tradingview link ; https://tr.tradingview.com/script/R71NHZm0/

youtube link ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Vmz0tWYkk&t=362s

Matriks versiyonu indirmek için https://dosya.co/24utq95eft05/izciByMossinNagant.mib.html

“Izci coin Indicator“ has been designed to help users to improve the earnings statistics of
their trading journey.
The izci coin indicator basically consists of 3 price lines and trend lines . (The Main Line, The Top Line, and The Bottom
The Izci coin indicator has been designed by using the nonlinear cross-matching methodology.
Trend Lines calculations based on Pivot and ATR.
Users can see the confirmed breakouts on the chart, as well as the unconfirmed breakout starts with the “attention” warning.
There are two usage methods.
1. For catching the breakdowns:
– Sharp price increases can be expected if the price breaks the upper band,
– Sharp price decreases can be expected if the price breaks the lover band.
2. To take advantage of in-band movements;
– When the price rises over the main line and touches the upper band, long profits can
be made.
– When the price goes below the main line and touches the lower band, a short profit
can be made.
There are two different values on the chart aiming to help you when you use the Izci
The Deviation value shows how far the price has moved away from the baseline, as a
percentage. It makes sense to take profit in deflection you see outside the standards, it
reduces your risk of loss.
The saturation value indicates whether the price has reached saturation.
The fact that the saturation is close to 100 indicates that the price has reached saturation,
but in severe trend movements, this value may stay close to 100 for a certain period of time.
In such cases, a sale-buy decision should be made by being very careful and looking at the
deviation value.
If the saturation is between 0-20, it might mean that the downward movement of the price is
This indicator has no certainty just like the other indicators.
The aim of the Izci Indicator is to increase the number of statistically profitable transactions.
At the bottom left of the chart you can see the global index datas that you can check while trading.
These are DXY BTC Dominance, VIX and BTC Price datas.
You can also add classical fibonacci to your chart from the settings section.